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Experience the Beauty and Ease of Smart Lighting Control

A softly illuminated living area with a sectional and a lit fireplace.

Manage Natural and Electric Light Effortlessly

When people hear the term smart lighting control, they may think about the many smart light bulbs on the market. These devices let you manage one or more lights from your smartphone app and allow access to a vast range of colors.

In the world of home automation, lighting control is far different. At Elite Automation, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader. This system manages electric and natural light, allowing us to program it to respond based on the sun's position, the time of day, and your preferences. It's light that welcomes you to a beautifully illuminated home at day's end and the brilliance of natural sunlight in the morning. 

Let's explore this remarkable technology and how it's transforming our relationship with light in Seattle, WA.


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