3 Ways a Whole-Home Audio System Benefits Your Daily Life

A young couple dancing to their whole-home audio system.

Set a Soundtrack for Your Life with Music Throughout Your Home

Music is a great way to enhance every task and event. It can make the mundane fun and allow you to check out new songs and artists or fall in love with your favorite bands all over again. With a whole-home audio system in your Seattle, WA, house, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want, anywhere in your home. From your media room to your bathroom, audio entertainment is always at your fingertips! 

Your daily routine will be energized with music that motivates you and enhances your mood. Check out all the ways a multi-room audio system can transform your lifestyle!

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A Media Room vs. a Home Cinema: Which Is Right for You?

A casual home cinema with a sectional, pool table, large movie screen, and projector.

Explore Home Entertainment at Its Best

We’ve explored the makings of a luxury home cinema that rivals or exceeds the best cineplex in Seattle, WA. These spaces are designed for immersing yourself in the moment, swept away by the lifelike wall-sized images and the surround sound that engulfs you. You’re no longer laying back in your custom-made home theater recliner but racing through desolate city streets or flying over lush, tropical jungles.

A dedicated home theater offers the immersive cinematic experience at its best, and for purists who want their own home theaters, there’s nothing better. And yet, while these spaces—designed for optimal movie watching—are hard to top, many clients today are looking for a multi-purpose home theater: a space where friends come over to watch the big game and play some pool, the family retreats for Friday movie night, and video and board games turn into marathon adventures. 

Also called media rooms, they’re growing in popularity. Let’s explore what these spaces offer and if they may provide the ideal home entertainment for you and yours.

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Smart Home Automation Makes Home Operation Effortless

A person holding a Control4 touchscreen panel.

Convenience, Entertainment, and Security: Get All-in-One with Smart Home Automation

Advanced technology has made homes more connected than ever before. With smart home automation, controlling different aspects of your living space becomes effortless. Whether you wish to adjust the lights, temperature, music, or security system, all it takes is a button press. But more than that, automation lets you enjoy total hands-free control. 

This all-in-one solution that makes your home in Bellevue, WA, more convenient, entertaining, and secure. So, how does automation achieve all of this? Read on to find out!

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Automated Lights Create the Perfect Ambiance with One Touch

A beautifully illuminated bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub, marble shower, and sunlight entering a window.

Enjoy the Perfect Illumination for Every Occasion

As technology advances, smart homes and the connected devices that make life easier and more enjoyable are growing almost exponentially. One of the most sought-after systems is automated lights, enabling homeowners to manage their lighting from anywhere with a touchscreen, remote, custom-engraved keypad, or mobile device.

These systems, however, offer much more than effortless control. Thanks to today’s dynamic LED lighting, homeowners can change the color and intensity of one or every light, creating the perfect atmosphere for life’s many activities. Set to ‘Natural Light,’ they automatically transform throughout the day, bringing the healing benefits of daylight indoors.

Let’s explore the nearly limitless possibilities in today’s smart lighting and how it’s transforming homes in Seattle, WA.

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Creating the Home Theater of Your Dreams

A home theater with a man and a woman sitting in large brown seats.

Customized Home Theater Design Takes You to Another World

Are you ready to create the home theater of your dreams? If you’ve glanced at photos that grace the internet, you’ve undoubtedly realized that there are as many different types of home cinemas as there are families to enjoy them. Some love the elegant old-world designs with imported marble and crystal chandeliers, while others embrace spaces designed for cozy viewing with love seats, chaise lounges, and starlit ceilings.

As audio, video, and home automation experts, our designers and integrators at Elite Automation deliver custom home theater design unique to every client. By partnering with numerous industry-leading brands, we ensure the perfect experience aligned with your vision. 

One thing all our home theaters have in common are the images and sounds that transcend reality, taking you to another place in time. Let’s explore how we create an immersive cinematic experience for homeowners in Seattle, WA.

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How Home Automation Gives You On-Demand Control

A person monitors home surveillance cameras using a tablet.

Remote Access for Lighting, Entertainment, Climate, and Security

Everything operates with the click of a button. What once seemed like a futuristic vision is now a reality for many homeowners who have invested in the added convenience of home automation technology. 

What is home automation? It's the programming of specific smart technology inside your home to operate on a schedule, command, or by a wireless signal. Homeowners benefit from these tech tools through added convenience, improved energy efficiency, and increased security.

Continue reading to learn how automation can give your family on-demand control in your Seattle, WA, home.

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Whole-House Audio: How Does it Work?

A bright, modern living room with in-ceiling whole-house audio speakers.

The Home Installation of Every Music Lover’s Dreams 

Remember the days before Wi-Fi, when you could only access the internet on one computer in the house? Today, we can use the internet in any room and outdoors, too, freely searching and streaming wherever we please. 

Now apply that same freedom to your music listening. Rather than staying tethered to your headphones or living room speaker system, you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts anywhere in the house—and even in the backyard

A whole-house audio system distributes music to a network of speakers across your Bellevue, WA, home, so as you walk from room to room, you’re still immersed in the song. Yet whole-home audio isn’t installed as simply as plugging in a speaker. Here’s how it works. 

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Motorized Shades Offer Greater Comfort, Privacy, and Energy Efficiency

a living room with colored shades installed on the windows.

Explore how adding motorized window treatments can help improve your home

While window treatments have always been an essential part of homes, with an element of motorization, their overall benefits go up drastically. Rather than manually adjusting the position of the shades, the operation becomes more effortless and convenient. Through this seamless control, motorized shades make your Seattle, WA, home more energy efficient, comfortable, and private. This blog explains how they transform your home.

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Creating a Healthier Home with Air Quality Monitoring

A woman doing yoga in her home as seen through the windows.

Give Your Family the Gift of Clean Air

A smart home offers incredible convenience. With one touch, you can manage every connected device and system in your home, from lighting to climate, security, the many entertainment devices, and much more. However, one of the greatest gifts our smart homes can give us is increased health and wellness.

Today, homeowners are creating sanctuaries, homes with lighting that mimics the sun, optimum humidity, nature soundscapes, the purest water, and the cleanest air. Here, we’ll explore the latter, an air quality monitoring system that ensures a hypoallergenic, odor-free environment for your Kirkland, WA, home. Let’s get started.

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What’s Trending in Home AV Installation?

Living room with home AV, including tv and speakers.

Advancing Technology Adds a Cool Factor to Everyday Living

The modern luxury home is changing. Not only do homeowners anticipate high-end finishes and well-planned decor, but a futuristic technology component is now a must-have. For example, homeowners want to have lights that dim with a voice command, window shades that automatically open and close, home security systems that alert them of unexpected activity, and, of course, a place to enjoy hours of entertainment.

Continue reading to explore some of the latest trends in home AV installation in the Seattle, WA, area.

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Leave AV Systems to a Professional

A living room featuring in-wall speakers and a wall-mounted TV.

Do You Need to Hire an Audio Video Company for Your Next Smart Home?

If you are in the process of designing or building a home in Bellevue, WA, chances are you've looked at a few local AV installers. Some of them may be good at their jobs. Others, not so much. It is normal to have your doubts about which audio video company to partner with, especially considering where they will be working: your dream home.

At Elite Automation, we have a proven track-record in designing, instaling, and integrating technology systems for clients across Washington state. Whether you are in Kirkland, Bellevue, or Redmond, chances are you’ve driven past one of our smart homes. In fact, you may have even visited one yourself! How can you tell? Just listen to the music in the background, or the surround sound system in the home theater, or the backyard’s speakers impeccable audio. 

Read on to learn more about us and why we are the perfect audio video company to help you create your next smart home. 

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Experience the Ultimate Surround Sound System

A home movie theater with chaise lounge seating, a large movie screen, and a Sony projector.

The Latest Technology Creates a Blanket of 3D Audio

Interest in custom home theaters has grown exponentially over the past few years. And for a good reason! Our clients want to experience the same high-performance images and sound that the best movie cinemas in Seattle, WA, offer - only in the comfort of their homes. The good news is, today, that’s possible. 

The best brands offer an immersive cinematic experience. Handcrafted movie screens and the latest native 4K laser projectors deliver breathtaking, lifelike images that take the viewer to the center of the scene, whether climbing the Alps or racing through city streets. 

But to experience the ultimate realism that suspends one's disbelief for a few hours requires the latest surround sound system. Let’s look at what these systems offer and the benefits they bring to homeowners looking for the ultimate entertainment.

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3 Reasons to Include a Home Theater System in Your New Build

A luxury home theater.

A Custom Home Theater Offers the Perfect Home Entertainment Space

Building a home is an exciting experience. In a new build, you get a say in every design choice, from the unique layout to the custom counters in your kitchen. It’s the perfect opportunity to construct your dream home with all the technology and features you love. 

If you appreciate home entertainment and want the best experience possible, then now is the time to include a new custom home theater for your new build in Redmond, WA. Custom theaters bring a lot of value to your home and your lifestyle. You’ll get a luxurious entertainment experience and a place to bring people together. Check out these three reasons you should consider installing a home theater system in your new home.

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Motorized Blinds Offer Effortless Control of Daylight and Privacy

Blinds half-drawn above a bathtub.

Bring the Beauty of Diffuse Sunlight Into Your Home with Motorized Blinds

Home automation has transformed how we manage our homes. Gone are the light switches in every room and the cords dangling from shades and blinds. Now, with one touch on an in-wall keypad, touchscreen, or remote, your shades raise and lower, your lights dim and brighten, and your “Good Morning” playlist streams through your home. 

Smart homes, however, offer much more than one-touch control of shades, lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more. These homes are automated, operating throughout the day without any effort on our part. One example of this remarkable technology is motorized blinds

Let’s explore how smart blinds and shades make life a little easier and more enjoyable in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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A Whole-Home AV System Offers Immersive Sound and Video

A large Sony flat-screen TV above a lit fireplace in a living room with picture windows looking out over the mountains.

Why Settle for AV in Just One Room? Enjoy Audio and Video throughout Your Entire Home!

As many of you know, a smart home provides unrivaled ease of living. It offers one-touch control and automation for lighting, shades, climate, entertainment, security, and more. But, with all it offers, you may wonder where to start. Some of our clients jump into home automation full force, integrating all its incredible features and functionalities. Others appreciate the scalable opportunities and start with one system, adding on as their needs and family changes. 

One of our clients’ favorites, and where many begin, is an audio-video integration system. A whole-home AV system offers unparalleled entertainment that's effortless to control. Let's explore its many features and how the system is transforming homes in Kirkland, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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4 Key Choices to Elevate Your Movie Watching Experience

Home movie theater with countdown to movie start on the big screen.

How a Custom Home Theater Installation Makes Home Entertainment More Enjoyable

If you've already decided to install a home theater, congratulations! That's one thoughtful choice already made. Next, you'll come to the big decisions to determine the quality and comfort of your home movie-watching experiences.

Continue reading for advice on four key choices you'll make during your Seattle, WA, home theater installation. If you choose wisely, these items can elevate the enjoyment and thrill of bringing the cinema into your home.

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Protect Your Home and Loved Ones with a Luma Surveillance System

 A security camera installed under a home’s eave.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Property, Whether You’re at Home or Halfway Around the World

We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful city known for its high-tech companies, incredible music scene, and residents who love the outdoors. Unfortunately, this land of intense beauty also attracts people without the best intentions. 

According to the Seattle, WA, Police Department, from January - August 2022, criminals committed about 29,745 property crimes, including over 5,900 burglaries and 19,424 thefts and larceny. The Seattle Times reports that robberies are up 30% in 2022.

The good news is that there are ways to protect your home and loved ones, whether you work in the city or abroad. Today’s smart video surveillance system provides remote access, crystal-clear images, and AI technology that detects when the unusual occurs. 

At Elite Automation, our team of experts offers customized state-of-the-art security and home automation solutions for luxury homes. Add greater peace of mind to your property by integrating solutions from Luma Surveillance and Control 4. Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they protect homes and families.

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What a Discreet Sound System Can Bring to Your Home

A bedroom equipped with Stealth Aciustic invisible speakers.

Experience Premium Audio from Invisible Speakers

Are you tired of tracking down your portable speaker whenever you want to listen to music in your Seattle, WA, home? A whole home sound system is a great addition to any smart home. It allows you to listen to your favorite audio entertainment from anywhere in your home without needing to track down or charge a portable speaker.

And don’t worry about this meaning bulky speakers throughout your property! We work with Stealth Acoustic Invisible speakers to deliver high-performance audio without the clutter. Keep reading to see how a discreet home audio system can benefit your home.

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Bring New Dimensions with Home Theater Speakers

Home theater space with in-wall Monitor Audio speakers and a wall-mounted TV, featuring a LaLa Land movie still.

Discover How Surround Sound Elevates the Music and Movies You Love

Why is it that movies have the power to stir the soul, excite all our senses, and even cause us to introspect? Psychologists postulate that an engaging storyline's visual stimulation and thrill act as cathartic agents, offering us a chance to suspend ourselves in the moment.

Whether you’re thrilled by the high-octane Marvel superhero franchise or swoon at the golden age of Hollywood classics, it is the home theater speakers that help to generate the intimacy, anticipation, and suspense. Robert Bresson, the notorious and provocative French film director, believed the audio is its own character, stating: “Cinematography is a writing with images in movement and with sounds.”

Are you curious about experiencing more of the movies and music you love? Keep reading below to discover the possibilities for your smart home in Seattle, WA.

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3 Ways Your Home Benefits from Architectural Lighting

a modern kitchen with three different shades of lighting and a dining area.

Enjoy the undeniable perks of stylish and sophisticated lighting control with Lutron

Lighting does much more than light your way in the dark. It impacts your mood and your home’s aesthetics in ways you may not realize. Though most homeowners overlook or place minimal emphasis on lighting systems when designing their new living space, it plays an essential role in how your rooms feel and how you feel in them!

Architectural lighting completely transforms your home in more ways than one. While different brands offer architectural lights, Lutron remains the top choice for homeowners. Read on to discover the benefits of adding Lutron lighting control to your Seattle, WA, residence.

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