Bring New Dimensions with Home Theater Speakers

Home theater space with in-wall Monitor Audio speakers and a wall-mounted TV, featuring a LaLa Land movie still.

Discover How Surround Sound Elevates the Music and Movies You Love

Why is it that movies have the power to stir the soul, excite all our senses, and even cause us to introspect? Psychologists postulate that an engaging storyline's visual stimulation and thrill act as cathartic agents, offering us a chance to suspend ourselves in the moment.

Whether you’re thrilled by the high-octane Marvel superhero franchise or swoon at the golden age of Hollywood classics, it is the home theater speakers that help to generate the intimacy, anticipation, and suspense. Robert Bresson, the notorious and provocative French film director, believed the audio is its own character, stating: “Cinematography is a writing with images in movement and with sounds.”

Are you curious about experiencing more of the movies and music you love? Keep reading below to discover the possibilities for your smart home in Seattle, WA.

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3 Ways Your Home Benefits from Architectural Lighting

a modern kitchen with three different shades of lighting and a dining area.

Enjoy the undeniable perks of stylish and sophisticated lighting control with Lutron

Lighting does much more than light your way in the dark. It impacts your mood and your home’s aesthetics in ways you may not realize. Though most homeowners overlook or place minimal emphasis on lighting systems when designing their new living space, it plays an essential role in how your rooms feel and how you feel in them!

Architectural lighting completely transforms your home in more ways than one. While different brands offer architectural lights, Lutron remains the top choice for homeowners. Read on to discover the benefits of adding Lutron lighting control to your Seattle, WA, residence.

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4 Essential Benefits of Roller Blinds

4 Essential Benefits of Roller Blinds

Enjoy the perks of Lutron blinds in your luxury home

Motorized window treatments are an essential part of luxury homes. After all, what could be better than controlling blinds and shades with the tap of a button or icon? In addition, today’s high-end models can instantly upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your entire living space.

While many brands offer automated blinds befitting smart spaces, nothing beats the quality and consistency brought by Lutron. Read on to discover the top four benefits of adding Lutron’s roller blinds and shades in your Seattle, WA, home.

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Are Laser Projectors Really Better Than Lamp Projectors?

Are Laser Projectors Really Better Than Lamp Projectors?

Comparing Laser vs. Lamp Projectors to Find the Best Visual Quality 

So, you’re building a home theater or media room. You know where the screen and speakers will go. Now all you need is a projector. Which model do you choose? 

Much of the decision may come down to budget. But if you desire the best picture quality possible in 4K or even 8K, most home theater professionals (us included) recommend using a laser projector. 

You may be wondering: what’s a laser projector? And how is it any better than a regular video projector? Below, we’ll share how both laser and lamp projectors work and the difference they’ll make in your Seattle, WA home. 

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