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What a Discreet Sound System Can Bring to Your Home

A bedroom equipped with Stealth Aciustic invisible speakers.

Experience Premium Audio from Invisible Speakers

Are you tired of tracking down your portable speaker whenever you want to listen to music in your Seattle, WA, home? A whole home sound system is a great addition to any smart home. It allows you to listen to your favorite audio entertainment from anywhere in your home without needing to track down or charge a portable speaker.

And don’t worry about this meaning bulky speakers throughout your property! We work with Stealth Acoustic Invisible speakers to deliver high-performance audio without the clutter. Keep reading to see how a discreet home audio system can benefit your home.

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Easy to Use

Smart home technology makes daily life easier by integrating technology that helps manage your home. Your home speaker system can also be integrated into your smart home automation so that controlling audio in your home is easier than ever. You’ll no longer need to try to connect a speaker to your smart device over Bluetooth and constantly lose the connection. With an integrated smart audio system, you can simply select the room where you want to listen to audio, choose a playlist or podcast from Spotify, Apple Music, or another platform, and hit play. It couldn’t be easier.

Well-Distributed Audio

Using just one speaker for your audio entertainment tends to limit the area where you can listen. If you stray too far from the speaker, you’ll hardly hear it unless you crank up the volume. But then it’s far too loud when you’re closer to the speaker. This leads to constantly having to adjust the placement and volume.

A home audio system is more than just placing speakers around your house. It’s well-designed and engineered by professionals to make sure you have even audio across any room included in your multi-room audio system. That means you’ll be able to hear your music from anywhere in a room without adjusting the volume, often without discerning where the sound is coming from. 

Consistent Aesthetic and Design

Invisible speakers like the ones from Stealth Acoustic are great at creating an even sound system since they are installed right into your walls and ceilings. This means professional AV integrators can install the speaker anywhere in your home and aren’t limited to where there’s space on a shelf or the floor. 

Adding invisible speakers to your home also means enjoying your favorite audio throughout your home without interrupting your carefully curated interior design. Stealth Acoustic invisible speakers are so discreet that you’ll only be able to hear them, not see them.


If you want a well-distributed, easy-to-manage multi-room sound system in your Seattle, WA, home, then you should contact Elite Automation today! Our team of professionals has years of experience creating the perfect audio system for our clients. We can help you create the audio system of your dreams without affecting your home’s aesthetic.

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