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Bring New Dimensions with Home Theater Speakers

Home theater space with in-wall Monitor Audio speakers and a wall-mounted TV, featuring a LaLa Land movie still.

Discover How Surround Sound Elevates the Music and Movies You Love

Why is it that movies have the power to stir the soul, excite all our senses, and even cause us to introspect? Psychologists postulate that an engaging storyline's visual stimulation and thrill act as cathartic agents, offering us a chance to suspend ourselves in the moment.

Whether you’re thrilled by the high-octane Marvel superhero franchise or swoon at the golden age of Hollywood classics, it is the home theater speakers that help to generate the intimacy, anticipation, and suspense. Robert Bresson, the notorious and provocative French film director, believed the audio is its own character, stating: “Cinematography is a writing with images in movement and with sounds.”

Are you curious about experiencing more of the movies and music you love? Keep reading below to discover the possibilities for your smart home in Seattle, WA.

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Setting the Stage

Multidimensional sound heightens your senses and opens your ears, connecting you deeper into the story and creating anticipation, keeping you riveted to your seat and ready to jump all at once.

Surround sound for movies began with Walt Disney and his directive to his Imagineers to create an audio environment that enveloped the audience while watching his masterpiece, Fantasia. In later years, Dolby Labs developed 'quintaphonic sound,' a 5-channel system that blew away movie audiences in selected venues showing the movie, “Tommy.”

The format now stands as a singularly vital complement to albums and film, generating the sound fields that create an intimacy with the characters, plot, and songs. Traditional 2-channel systems cannot transform your seat with a sense of space that swings from a claustrophobic room to a vast expansion of a star field. 

It's a New Sensation 

Nothing blurs the lines between fantasy and your theater seat more than the advanced processing of THX or Dolby Atmos.

Rather than using the model of discrete channels, you experience sound as audio that goes beyond 3D as they steer you through perceptions of height, depth, direction, and movement. 

With the remarkable Monitor Audio speakers, you are now riding behind Luke and R2 in an X-Wing Fighter, driving along with Lewis Hamilton DRS engaged, or sitting on stage between Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm during Martin Scorcaes moving and exhilarating film, “The Last Waltz.”

A Better Sounding Home

At Elite Automation, we are passionate about providing living spaces that entertain and satisfy. Are you ready for a better-sounding home? Call us at 800-347-0295 or by filling out our online contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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