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Protect Your Home and Loved Ones with a Luma Surveillance System

 A security camera installed under a home’s eave.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Property, Whether You’re at Home or Halfway Around the World

We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful city known for its high-tech companies, incredible music scene, and residents who love the outdoors. Unfortunately, this land of intense beauty also attracts people without the best intentions. 

According to the Seattle, WA, Police Department, from January - August 2022, criminals committed about 29,745 property crimes, including over 5,900 burglaries and 19,424 thefts and larceny. The Seattle Times reports that robberies are up 30% in 2022.

The good news is that there are ways to protect your home and loved ones, whether you work in the city or abroad. Today’s smart video surveillance system provides remote access, crystal-clear images, and AI technology that detects when the unusual occurs. 

At Elite Automation, our team of experts offers customized state-of-the-art security and home automation solutions for luxury homes. Add greater peace of mind to your property by integrating solutions from Luma Surveillance and Control 4. Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they protect homes and families.

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The Luma Surveillance System

Luma surveillance cameras offer full 4K HD resolution, resulting in crystal-clear video, with indoor and outdoor solutions. In addition, unlike some cameras, Luma’s Sense-Up technology enables you to see full-color images even in total darkness. And instead of relying on cloud storage, Luma utilizes secured storage on hard drives, keeping your information out of the cloud. This method improves images while limiting usage of your home network’s bandwidth. 

View the images at home, work, or worldwide by pulling up live footage on your desktop or mobile device. Take a snapshot with the press of a button, or go back in time to view the recorded video.

Seamless Smart Home Integration

The Luma Surveillance system integrates effortlessly with your Control4 home automation system, allowing for one-touch control of your security, lighting, climate, motorized shades, entertainment, and more. These systems work together, keeping you safe and secure at all times. You'll receive alerts should someone come to the door or cross a digital perimeter we've created around your home, property, or backyard. 

Pull up live video to check in and see if it's a stranger, delivery driver, or your pet sitter stopping by while you're away. You can unlock the door or the garage with one touch and speak to them through the two-way intercom. If something seems off, you can illuminate the floodlights, lock all doors and windows, and call law enforcement from anywhere. If you’re at home, we can program your video feed to pop up on your TVs during a security event, allowing access to the footage instantly. 

Our certified technicians will ensure the optimal cameras, placement, and integration for every situation. At Elite Automation, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technology that’s easy to use, exceeding their expectations every time. To learn more about Luma Surveillance and Control4 or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Elite Automation today.

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