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3 Ways Your Home Benefits from Architectural Lighting

a modern kitchen with three different shades of lighting and a dining area.

Enjoy the undeniable perks of stylish and sophisticated lighting control with Lutron

Lighting does much more than light your way in the dark. It impacts your mood and your home’s aesthetics in ways you may not realize. Though most homeowners overlook or place minimal emphasis on lighting systems when designing their new living space, it plays an essential role in how your rooms feel and how you feel in them!

Architectural lighting completely transforms your home in more ways than one. While different brands offer architectural lights, Lutron remains the top choice for homeowners. Read on to discover the benefits of adding Lutron lighting control to your Seattle, WA, residence.

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1. Aesthetics

The most prominent benefit of owning a Lutron lighting control system is enhanced aesthetics. Luxury homes and estates are equipped with multiple amenities, such as distributed AV, home theaters, expansive outdoor entertainment areas, and more. But with insufficient lighting, your luxury home won’t live up to its true potential. For instance, you may not enjoy movies because of the glare of the room’s lighting on your TV or screen. In addition, traditional white lighting from recessed lights is not enough to highlight your room’s design and decor. 

With Lutron, you bring all the architectural features of your home into the limelight. In fact, a tunable control system (from Lutron Ketra) lets you change colors and dim the lights as you please to ensure the perfect level of illumination in your home. Experiment with different tones and enhance your home décor dramatically. 

In addition, lights can also be added to the outdoor areas of your home. They’ll completely revamp your backyard by illuminating your garden, pathways, and water features, thus improving your home’s curb appeal. 

2. Wellness

Lutron’s Ketra lighting system is fully capable of mimicking the changing hues of sunlight. Exposure to light with the same color temperature as that of natural daylight has been shown to improve circadian rhythm, which plays a part in helping you focus on tasks throughout the day and wind down in the evening. 

A tunable lighting system schedules lights to be brighter and more intense until noon, but as evening approaches, your home’s lighting takes on a softer hue, helping you relax and get ready for bed. As a result, you feel more rested during the day and revitalized in the morning. 

3. Control

Another reason why Lutron is worth adding to luxury homes is because of its simplified lighting control system. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand how it works. Lutron’s keypads and interfaces offer smart control with pre-set scenes. Only one touch or swipe of your fingers adjusts the lights in any room. What’s more, you can also use the Lutron lighting app with your phone. Be it indoor or outdoors, adjust all the lights via your smartphone or smart home tablet, making it a convenient lighting control solution.


Simple integration of Lutron architectural lighting increases the enjoyment of your home in Seattle, WA. Not only does it enhance the décor of your home from the inside out, but it also improves wellness and offers seamless control. Call Elite Automation 800-347-0295 to get started, or fill out a contact form for more details.

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