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How Home Automation Gives You On-Demand Control

A person monitors home surveillance cameras using a tablet.

Remote Access for Lighting, Entertainment, Climate, and Security

Everything operates with the click of a button. What once seemed like a futuristic vision is now a reality for many homeowners who have invested in the added convenience of home automation technology. 

What is home automation? It's the programming of specific smart technology inside your home to operate on a schedule, command, or by a wireless signal. Homeowners benefit from these tech tools through added convenience, improved energy efficiency, and increased security.

Continue reading to learn how automation can give your family on-demand control in your Seattle, WA, home.

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Types of Home Automation

The "home automation" label applies to a group of easy-to-use, wireless technologies, including "Internet of Things" devices. However, the category itself continues to expand with the invention of new devices each year that add convenience to homeowners' everyday lives.

Some of the more popular types of home automation include:

  • Smart lighting
  • Climate control
  • Security systems
  • Entertainment systems

Smart lighting controls allow a homeowner to program or group lights together, setting schedules for lights to turn off, on, or dim.

Climate controls help a homeowner manage the energy efficiency of heating and cooling by adjusting the climate while the homeowner is away and readjusting it to a more comfortable temperature when they're about to return home.

Security systems allow a 24/7 view into the home via a mobile app on a smartphone or other smart device. The systems can include alarms, surveillance cameras, remote locks, and more.

Entertainment systems, such as home theaters, benefit from automation by grouping components and operating using a single remote or button versus controlling them individually.

Advantages of Home Automation

Each product offers its own unique benefits to the homeowner.

Lighting control can assist with overall health and wellness, as harsh lighting can cause headaches or fatigue. In addition, dimming and color-changing features allow the homeowner to relax in the evening and enjoy a better night's rest. 

Climate controls provide an energy savings opportunity and can help a homeowner reduce their monthly utility bills. 

Security systems give homeowners peace of mind and the ability to respond quickly in an emergency. Remote access locks, for instance, allow you to put away the keys and prove an excellent convenience if you have children arriving home from school or visitors stopping by while you're away.

Automating a home entertainment system is an excellent convenience for homeowners, especially those with a habit of losing the remote control!

Automate Your Home with Us

Home automation is not a new form of technology; these systems have been used for many years and have provided homeowners with benefits like those mentioned above. If you're considering adding automation to your Seattle, WA, area home, please reach out to our team for a consultation. We'd love to help bring more convenience to your life!

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