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Discover One of the Most In-Demand Smart Systems: Home Security

A person holding a Control4 tablet looking at views from the outdoor security camera.

Experience the Ultimate Peace of Mind

Of all the smart technologies available to homeowners, smart home security is one of the most sought-after. These intelligent systems create an unrivaled peace of mind, monitoring homes 24/7 and sending alerts when something unusual occurs. 

But smart security systems offer much more than keeping a watchful eye on your property and preventing intruders. They also protect your home from environmental damage and even monitor indoor pollutants. 

Yes, we’ve come a long way since bulky cameras and phone lines that thieves could cut. Let’s explore what these latest systems offer and how homeowners in Seattle, WA, can protect their homes and loved ones.

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The Core of Your Security

Today’s smart security cameras are the key component of your home security. These cameras are AI-smart, learning as they observe. They learn the difference between strangers and family members, your dog and the neighborhood raccoons. You’ll receive alerts when a stranger is near the back door but not when your partner arrives home.

Tailor-made alerts ensure you’re kept updated on what matters most. This may translate to notifications when the kids get home from school, a water leak in the laundry room, or rising humidity in the wine cellar. 

Remote Access

Should you receive an alert when you’re away, you can pull up the app on your mobile device and view the live video feed. If it’s one of your household staff, you can unlock the door and turn on the lights right from the app. If it’s a stranger, you can speak to them through the two-way audio while alerting law enforcement.

You’ll also receive notifications if someone forgot to lock the door or arm the alarm. With a few taps on your smartphone, it’s done.

Keeping an Eye on Little Ones

For those with younger children, digital tripwires help keep them out of trouble. You’ll receive an alert when these virtual boundaries are crossed. Common places to integrate them include around the pool, in front of the liquor or medicine cabinet, and in areas where cleaning items are kept. 

Peace of Mind

When you hear a bump in the night, you no longer have to rush downstairs and turn on the lights. Instead, you pick the tablet up from the nightstand and look at the live video feed. From the same tablet, you can turn on spotlights, sound an alarm, and tell the possible intruder they’ve been spotted. 

Did one of the kids come home late? Lock the door and arm the alarm once they’re safely inside. 

Should the unthinkable happen and an intrusion occurs, your smart security system goes to work. Flashing indoor and outdoor lights and a blaring alarm help scare the intruder away while alerting neighbors that a break-in is occurring. At the same time, the live security camera feed appears on every TV, so everyone knows what’s happening. 

With the many ways today’s technology safeguards a family, it’s easy to see why these systems are in demand. 

At Elite Automation, we stay current on the latest technology, ensuring our clients the pinnacle of smart home living and security. To learn more about smart home security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Elite Automation today.

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