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Automated Lights Create the Perfect Ambiance with One Touch

A beautifully illuminated bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub, marble shower, and sunlight entering a window.

Enjoy the Perfect Illumination for Every Occasion

As technology advances, smart homes and the connected devices that make life easier and more enjoyable are growing almost exponentially. One of the most sought-after systems is automated lights, enabling homeowners to manage their lighting from anywhere with a touchscreen, remote, custom-engraved keypad, or mobile device.

These systems, however, offer much more than effortless control. Thanks to today’s dynamic LED lighting, homeowners can change the color and intensity of one or every light, creating the perfect atmosphere for life’s many activities. Set to ‘Natural Light,’ they automatically transform throughout the day, bringing the healing benefits of daylight indoors.

Let’s explore the nearly limitless possibilities in today’s smart lighting and how it’s transforming homes in Seattle, WA.

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One-Touch Control

At Elite Automation, we specialize in customized smart home automated solutions unique to every client. After learning your daily routines and the special occasions that fill your days, we can program your lighting to set the stage at the touch of a button. Now, with one tap, you create the perfect interior and exterior lighting for dining, entertaining, working, relaxing, and reading.

To accomplish this, we partner with Lutron, the global leader in lighting control. Lutron’s Ketra lighting offers one of the most advanced systems in the world, generating a very high-quality tunable light from a single source, providing homeowners with every color of light imaginable.

Do you regularly enjoy al fresco dining in the summer? Tap the 'Outdoor Dining' button to transform your patio lights to the warm glow of candlelight while the landscape lights create an enchanting oasis. When integrated with your whole-home audio system, this same button brings your outdoor audio system to life. 

Do you have friends over for sporting events? One touch can turn the lights to your favorite team’s colors, such as navy blue, Northwest green, and silver for the Mariners or wolf gray, action green, and college navy for the Seahawks. 

Automated Lighting

Sometimes, the simple things in life make the greatest impact. In automated lighting, that translates to a soft trail of lights that automatically illuminate when your young children wake up in the middle of the night. It’s the lights that automatically turn on and off when no one’s home, making your home appear occupied. It’s asking your voice assistant to turn on the kitchen lights when your hands are full of groceries. And it’s the lights that automatically turn off when everyone leaves a room.

The system can also provide a healthier home with human-centric lighting. By selecting ‘Natural Light,’ your home’s lighting automatically transforms throughout the day, mirroring the changing color of daylight. In the morning, your lights resemble the cool blue of dawn before changing to a brighter white-blue hue. As the afternoon turns into evening, your lights take on a soft amber glow. This lighting aligns our body’s internal time clock that’s been set to the changing color of sunlight for eons, promoting focused energy in the day and a relaxed state in the evenings.


Are you ready to explore the incredible possibilities with today’s automated lights? To learn more about this remarkable technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Elite Automation today.

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