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Whole-House Audio: How Does it Work?

A bright, modern living room with in-ceiling whole-house audio speakers.

The Home Installation of Every Music Lover’s Dreams 

Remember the days before Wi-Fi, when you could only access the internet on one computer in the house? Today, we can use the internet in any room and outdoors, too, freely searching and streaming wherever we please. 

Now apply that same freedom to your music listening. Rather than staying tethered to your headphones or living room speaker system, you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts anywhere in the house—and even in the backyard

A whole-house audio system distributes music to a network of speakers across your Bellevue, WA, home, so as you walk from room to room, you’re still immersed in the song. Yet whole-home audio isn’t installed as simply as plugging in a speaker. Here’s how it works. 

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Why Whole-Home Audio? 

Whether you enjoy classic rock, hip hop, or a little of everything, whole-home audio makes music an integral part of daily life. You’ll bring subtle background sounds to every activity as music plays in each room. And if not music, you can play podcasts, the morning news, audiobooks, or meditation sounds over the whole-house system. 

How Does It Work? 

We can install whole-house audio in multiple ways. A multi-source receiver or control system can send data signals to amplifiers across your home. From there, we’ll connect wire speakers to the amplifiers (or connect wirelessly), and you’ll be free to switch between audio sources. 

Should You Go Wired or Wireless? 

We typically recommend homeowners wire their speaker system for a more reliable performance. But if you prefer to use wireless, avoid Bluetooth-dependent speakers and instead choose speakers that run over Wi-Fi. Bluetooth doesn’t have the strength or range to carry audio signals across the house. Remember—you’ll need a strong Wi-Fi network to maintain a whole-home system. You’ll still need to plug wireless speakers into an outlet, too. 

If you’re undergoing new construction or a home retrofit, it’s the perfect opportunity to install network cables in the walls for a whole-home audio system. You’ll be left with a clean, aesthetically-pleasing setup with concealed wires and speakers that perform reliably. Plus, in wired audio systems, you can mix and match equipment from different manufacturers. 

What About Hidden Speakers? 

Next time you hear music playing in a nice restaurant or café, look up. You may notice small speaker grilles on the walls or ceilings—or you might see nothing at all. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a popular choice for minimal interior design, and you can bring the same hidden installation to your Eastside home. Speakers are wired and installed within your walls or ceilings and finished over with a flat, paintable grille. The sound quality is still excellent with high-end brands like Monitor Audio, and you can control the whole system from your phone, tablet, or even voice command. 


Let Us Install Your Whole-House Audio 

If you’re interested in a multi-room sound system in the Bellevue or the general Eastside region, Elite Automation is here to help. Save time and effort by trusting our AV company to design and install the entire system for you. Contact us here to learn more today! 

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