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Motorized Shades Offer Greater Comfort, Privacy, and Energy Efficiency

a living room with colored shades installed on the windows.

Explore how adding motorized window treatments can help improve your home

While window treatments have always been an essential part of homes, with an element of motorization, their overall benefits go up drastically. Rather than manually adjusting the position of the shades, the operation becomes more effortless and convenient. Through this seamless control, motorized shades make your Seattle, WA, home more energy efficient, comfortable, and private. This blog explains how they transform your home.

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No Need for Artificial Lights During the Day

Motorized shading systems allow natural light to flow into your home like any other window treatment. The only difference is that you don’t need to manually raise the shades to keep up with the sun all day. All window treatments, even the ones in hard-to-reach spots, can be raised with a press of a button or voice command. This makes it easier for daylight to flow into your home, giving you illumination from natural sunlight. You don’t need to use artificial light sources when the sun is up, leading to reduced power consumption, thus making your home more energy efficient. 

A Comfortable Home Throughout the Changing Seasons

Besides limiting the use of your lighting system, there is one other way smart shading makes your home energy efficient: temperature regulation! 

On colder days, the shades let in sunlight and utilize the warmth from the sun to increase the temperature. As a result, your climate control system requires less power to heat your home. Similarly, the shades lower on hotter days, thus preventing the sun’s scorching heat from penetrating your home. This makes your home cooler, eliminating the need for excessive cooling from the air conditioning. Consequently, you can considerably reduce your power bills and enjoy a more comfortable home. 

Convenient Control Options

One of the biggest advantages of motorized window treatments is their ease of use. You get to choose from several different control options, allowing you to pick the one that seems the most feasible to you. 

Shades can be operated via on-wall keypads, smart remotes, touchscreen panels, and even your smartphone. Through mobile apps, you gain access to the shades even when you’re not home. Moreover, rather than simply raising or lowering the window treatments in real-time, you can also schedule and automate shade operation. 

Better Privacy and Security at Your Fingertips

Don’t want eyes prying into your home when you’re away or wish to relax? Simply lower the shades with a press of a button! But more than that, you can also make it seem like you’re home even when your home is vacant by pre-programmed scenes. The shades rise or lower at regular intervals to give the impression to outsiders that your home is occupied, thus improving security. 

Enjoy a better home experience with motorized shades. Reach out to Elite Automation to get started on your project today. Call 800-347-0295 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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