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4 Key Choices to Elevate Your Movie Watching Experience

Home movie theater with countdown to movie start on the big screen.

How a Custom Home Theater Installation Makes Home Entertainment More Enjoyable

If you've already decided to install a home theater, congratulations! That's one thoughtful choice already made. Next, you'll come to the big decisions to determine the quality and comfort of your home movie-watching experiences.

Continue reading for advice on four key choices you'll make during your Seattle, WA, home theater installation. If you choose wisely, these items can elevate the enjoyment and thrill of bringing the cinema into your home.

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The Picture

Your choices regarding the screen and projector will significantly influence the quality of watching movies at home. If you'd like the highest quality picture available, choose a 4K laser projector for fantastic color accuracy and sharp picture quality.

You can have a fixed or retractable screen for movie viewing. For the highest image quality, contrast, and color, we recommend installing a screen and not using your wall for projection. If you’d rather have a TV instead, opt for a 4K OLED with HDR. These are the best of the best for the highest-definition viewing. Some are as big as 100” wide! 

The Sound

Sound is essential to the movie-going experience, so choosing a surround sound system is another critical decision. The choice is whether you'd like to stick with a standard 5-channel surround sound system or customize an immersive 3D sound experience with Dolby Atmos, THX, or a similar immersive sound system. Both are great options.

In addition to choosing the type of sound system you prefer, you should also consider what other acoustic features could improve sound quality. For instance, if you have a room with hardwood or tiled floors, you'll want to add acoustic treatments to your walls or ceiling to help with sound absorption. Without these considerations, you'll find the sound echoes in the room, which can distract from the movie.

The Lighting

Choosing lights for your room is a way to define the ambiance of your home theater space. Would you like a fancy movie-inspired chandelier? Do you want to install down lighting on the walls that can dim at showtime, similar to the cinema? If you have windows in your space, you should consider motorized blinds to block the sunlight from distracting the show. These are great choices, because they are conveniently operated and reduce ambient light in the room.

The Control

The fourth critical decision you need to make when preparing for a home theater installation is whether or not you want to add smart home control to your home theater. With smart control, you can power up the projector, dim the lights, lower the motorized blinds and adjust the room's temperature, all with a single command or click. We think controls are a perfect addition to a home theater because they add a little magic to the experience.


So, there are the four key decisions to make when tackling your home theater installation in your Seattle, WA, home. Reach out to the experts at Elite Automation for assistance in choosing or installing these components. We'd love to help make your movie time a memorable experience!

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